We are here to offer Dancers of all ages an opportunity to experience the extroadinary world of Dance to what ever degree they which to take it to


We are a registered organisation for the Royal Academy of Dance.

We Provide extensive Contemporary Classes for  different levels of ability giving unlearned dancers an opportunity to Dance at any age.

Productions are an annual event

We also cater for Adult in both Genres

Vocational Training

We are proud to offer additional training with 1 on 1 tutorials and a mentoring programme for those who have ambition in Dance. 

Our babies astound our audiences with their cuteness and cleverness.
They just love it out there on that stage and are so brave and exceptionally cute.
Gingy and the Gingerbread Girls
These wee Jazz guys were very popular in Shrek and Gingy was exceptional in her acting, singing and Dancing abilities.... Harriet Ensor you rock!!!!!
SHREK 2018
Pas de Deux
Our Productions give dancers an opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and explore the world of Musical Theatre with Dance. To watch the students gain confidence to not only Dance but to Sing and Act gives us so much satisfaction and the students understand the ability to 'believe in yourself'.....confidence:-)
Young Tom and our Donkey Shiloh prove their abilities as exceptional male partners. Our girls are so fortunate to have these guys to shocase their beauty and strengths